January 26th, 2018

Credit Nic Patrick

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The Future Management Of Grizzly Bears

With grizzly bears off of the endangered species list, many scientists view grizzlies as a success story. But the question remains, how does the bear successfully return to a heavily populated environment? Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska looks at the history of grizzly management to possibly learn some lessons for how to handle grizzlies in the future.

As UW Looks Out-Of-State To Increase Enrollment, Should More Be Done To Recruit In State Too?

The University of Wyoming wants to increase its student body. To do that, the trustees are looking at attracting more out-of-state students by decreasing their tuition. But does that mean the university has exhausted efforts to get more students from Wyoming to enroll? Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson spoke with Rose Martinelli, senior director with Huron Consulting, who's been working with UW’s administration to help the university grow. 

Study Shows That Wyoming Continues To Have Health Care Challenges

A study of seven rural states by the Bipartisan Policy Center found that there are challenges to health care delivery. One of the states it studied was Wyoming which has fewer doctors, higher workplace deaths…and problems with substance abuse. Heidi Schultz is the Rural Healthcare Program officer for the center.  She tells me that the doctor shortage is a concern.

After Government Shutdown, Calls For Filibuster Reform Grow

Now that the government’s lights are turned back on after last weekend’s three-day shutdown, Wyoming’s lawmakers are joining a growing chorus of Republicans calling for change to how Congress conducts its day to day business. Washington Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from the nation’s capital on the growing calls to overhaul the Senate’s long-standing filibuster rule. 

UW Board Of Trustees Mull Idea Of Tuition Waiver For Northern Arapaho Tribe

As we heard earlier in the program, the University of Wyoming is working hard to increase out-of-state enrollment. But what about in-state? When UW President Laurie Nichols was hired, she set a goal of reversing a seriously declining enrollment of Native American students at the University of Wyoming. To do that, she opened a Native American Center and hired a Native American program advisor to make the campus more welcoming. And it worked. But as Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards reports, now there isn’t enough money to fund all the interested students applying.

U.S. Olympic Committee's Director Of Diversity And Inclusion To Give Keynote Speech At UW's MLK Days

Jason Thompson is the head of Diversity and Inclusion on the U.S. Olympic Committee. But back in the 90s, before he was running diversity initiatives for the Olympic Committee, he was the first black president of ASUW at the University of Wyoming. Now, he’s returning to his alma mater as the keynote speaker of UW’s MLK Days of Dialogue. He told Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard that being student body president wasn’t exactly one of his ambitions.

Lawmakers Try To Hash Out A Joint Solution On Edible Marijuana Issue

Four years ago a judge ruled that Wyoming’s drug laws only deal with plant forms of marijuana which means that people with large amounts of edible marijuana could not face felony charges. Law enforcement agencies have asked the legislature to address the matter, but it’s been a tough battle. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports neither side has been willing to budge.      

Counties Lose Out On Millions From Mineral Tax Delinquency

Counties are losing out on funds owed to them every year. This is money that helps pay for road maintenance, police, and education among other services. That money is supposed to come from mineral companies… but the system intended to collect those taxes is complicated, slow, and makes it easy for companies to pay late or not at all. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.