January 11th, 2019

Credit U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management

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Oil And Gas Not A Fan Of Shutdown, Though Feds Prepare To Restart Permit Processing In Wyoming

One industry that's been a key supporter of President Trump is no fan of the federal shutdown. Oil and gas drilling is booming in Wyoming. But the majority of that is on federal lands, and operators worry about the impact - while critics argue they’re still getting a better deal than most. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

For Legislators, It's Always About Money

The Wyoming legislative session kicked off this week with over 210 bills and more to come. That’s a lot of proposed legislation and since lawmakers always give priority to committee bills, most of that proposed legislation won’t go anywhere. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck asked some lawmakers what the top priority is this session and it’s a familiar refrain. 

PEACE Award Goes To Bipartisan "Gang Of Six" For Efforts To Stop Violence

Every year the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault gives out what they call PEACE awards. That’s “promoting excellence in advocacy for change and empowerment.” Back in November, they gave one out for best leadership in policymaking. It went to six Wyoming lawmakers who worked to pass six news laws to better protect survivors of violence. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards takes it from here.

Wyoming's Congressional Delegation Prepares For A New Reality

Congress just kicked off its new session of Congress and now Democrats control the House, which will change the role Wyoming’s delegation plays in Washington. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from the nation’s capital. 

Slippery Slope: Is Skiing Increasingly Just For The Wealthy?

Today we begin a series with our Mountain West Bureau about the ski industry and its importance to our region’s economy. There’s no doubt it can be a very expensive sport and there’s a concern that mergers and acquisitions could make it even more pricey. So is it increasingly a sport for the wealthy? We visited a couple of very different places – such as Bogus Basin in Idaho. But first, Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska checked out Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Women Big Mountain Skiers Love Cliffs But Not The Wage Gap

Last February Jackson Hole Mountain Resort launched a new extreme skiing competition. At the awards ceremony, the top male won $5,000 more than the top female. Photos of the winners with their checks drew ridicule on social media and the resort immediately pulled together funds to fill the gap. But as Wyoming Public Radio’s Tennessee Watson reports there’s nothing that guarantees equal prizes in big mountain skiing.  

Married Mystery Writers Find Space To Be Creative In Wyoming

The population in Tie Siding, Wyoming is technically zero - it's basically just a post office that serves homes and ranches in this part of southeast Wyoming. Even though the population is tiny, there is not one but two popular mystery writers living there. And they're married to each other.

StoryCorps: Conservation In The Jackson Valley

The Murrie family played an important role in preserving wild places in the Jackson Valley…and around the U.S. When StoryCorps came to Jackson this summer, friends Nancy Leon and Jean Jorgensen remembered Mardy Murie and the contributions her family made to conservation.