January 10th, 2020

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Two Wyoming Republicans Are Playing A Role In The Impeachment Debate

Two Wyoming lawmakers are playing key roles in the impeachment saga slowly unfolding in Washington. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the details from the nation’s capital.

William Ruckelshaus, Two-Time EPA Administrator And UW Institute Namesake, Remembered

The man known as the father of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency died on November 27th. His name may be a familiar one if you’ve been to the University of Wyoming: William Ruckelshaus - like the institute. The first ever EPA Administrator and one-time deputy attorney general fought for environmental protection and pushed back on President Nixon during the Watergate Scandal. He also had a connection to this state. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim speaks with Harold Bergman - former director of the Ruckelshaus Institute. Bergman helps remember him.

Gillette College Virtual Reality Program Looks To Help With Mine Safety

In 2017 close to 40 percent of all fatalities and around a third of injuries at surface mines across the country involved mobile equipment. That’s according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration or MSHA. A big component for potential mobile equipment accidents is blind spots. So, a safety instructor at Gillette College is using virtual reality to train new and experienced miners to recognize the limits of their perspective. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler has more.

Wind River’s Women And Girls Help Each Other Succeed In STEM

Across our state and around the country, schools are looking for ways to help female students succeed in the male-dominated fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But at Wyoming Indian High School, girls are taking that initiative on their own. Wyoming Public Radio’s Savannah Maher has more. 

Yellowstone Wolves Mark 25 Years Back In The Park

On January 12th, 1995, the first truck loaded with grey wolves from Canada arrived in Yellowstone National Park. The reintroduction occurred after intense debate and serious scrutiny. The wolves reintroduction occurred nearly a century after park rangers helped exterminate the last wolves in Yellowstone. Wyoming Public Radio’s Jeff Victor has more.

25 Years Later, Livestock Producers Still Dealing With Depredation From Wolves

When wolves were reintroduced, livestock producers, outfitters and other people who live near the park waited to see what would happen. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports on one group that hasn’t been too happy about the reintroduction: livestock producers. 

"You're Called Upon To Become An Elder": Alexandra Fuller's New Memoir Explores Grief

Writer Alexandra Fuller has penned numerous memoirs about her childhood growing up in war-torn Africa in a family constantly scrambling to find stability. And now Fuller has released a new book called Travel Light, Move Fast. It chronicles both her father’s death in a Budapest hospital and the horror of her son’s death soon after. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with Fuller at her home in Jackson to talk about how, as she gets older, it’s even more necessary to process such trauma by writing about it.

A Twist On 'Go West, Young Man'

A new novel tells the story of a newly-out transgender Harvard student who has to give everything up when his family and girlfriend reject him. He's broke and looking for a new start-so he heads to Wyoming. Continental Divide is partly based on the real-life experiences of author Alex Myers, who was the first openly transgender student at Harvard. He talked with Wyoming Public Radio's Erin Jones about Wyoming, masculinity, and writing a new kind of fiction.