Jackson wildlife group seeks to curb moose collisions

Feb 27, 2012

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is launching an initiative to keep moose safe along Highway 390. Five moose have died in car crashes there in the past two months – more than any other road in Teton County outside of the national park.

Joan Anzelmo of the Wildlife Foundation says there are a variety of ways to prevent moose collisions. Those include reducing the speed limit, installing rumble strips in areas with high animal traffic, and putting up portable signs notifying drivers how many animals have recently been killed in the area. She also hopes to educate visitors about the risks of driving through prime moose habitat.

“So many people drive in a distracted manner,” Anzelmo said. “They’re talking on the phone; they’re texting when they shouldn’t be texting and driving; or they’re changing music. And in areas that have wildlife on the road, you really need your full attention focused on the road.”

Residents who wish to weigh in on the Highway 390 Moose Initiative are invited to attend a community forum on March 21 at the Old Wilson School Community Center in Jackson.