Jackson Theatre Troupe's Foray Into Comedy Improv Nothing To Laugh About

Sep 16, 2015

Riot Act performs The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams in 2007.
Credit Riot Act, Inc.

The next big name in sketch comedy could have its roots in Wyoming.

This Saturday, September 19, the Jackson-based theatre company Riot Act, Inc. will hold a sketch comedy workshop with hopes that participants will go on to form a comedy troupe of their own. The workshop is open to all levels of writers and actors.

“We like to foster local and regional talent,” says Riot Act founder Macey Mott. “With the workshop, what we hope to do is get people interested in doing sketch comedy and start a sketch comedy troupe, which would fall under the umbrella of Riot Act and then that sketch comedy troupe could put on productions.”

Mott says that comedy has a unique and important role in the world of performing arts.

“Comedy is actually a really great tool for bringing up things that maybe need to be talked about or aired in a lighthearted way,” she says.

And while there is no shortage of sketch comedy acts online, Mott says nothing beats the spontaneity of a live performance. “The experience you have when you’re sitting in a theater and you’re dealing with a live production where literally anything could happen is just a completely different experience,” says Mott.

She says that this workshop is the first in a series that seeks to develop the talents of the writers and actors who will eventually go on to form the troupe.