Jackson Hole Community To Create New Sculpture

Jul 31, 2015

Credit David Swift

The Jackson Hole community is invited to collaborate with artists on a new piece of public art. Materials are being gathered from different protected lands around Jackson to form a sculpture. Jackson Hole Land Trust Executive Director Laurie Andrews says the project is called FoundSpace.

“The idea behind FoundSpace is really reaching out to people to connect to finding space, finding space via time, finding space out in nature, finding space in the open spaces. And really also, the treasures that we have that connect us to those spaces.”

The project is a partnership between The Jackson Hole Land Trust, the Center of Wonder, and Jackson Hole Public Art.

Andrews also says the project “taps into the creative connection that people have to nature, and then takes it one step further and literally creates something in an open space that has been intentionally protected.”

Artists will be working on the piece this weekend. A public unveiling will take place on Sunday afternoon, August 2, at Karns Meadow in Jackson Hole.