Invasive Goldfish Found In Renner Reservoir

Apr 21, 2020

Goldfish found in Renner Reservoir
Credit Wyoming Game and Fish

More than 500 goldfish have been found in a reservoir meant to be a bass fishery. Wyoming Game and Fish said this highlights the effects of releasing household pets in the wild.

The Game and Fish department invested more than $300,000 to create a warm water large bass fishery in Renner Reservoir near Hyattville, and just recently restocked it with largemouth bass.

Fisheries Biologist Joe Skorupski said the goldfish can grow and reproduce quickly, eventually overcrowding the bass.

"You can only have so many pounds of fish, given the resources that are available. So the more goldfish that are bound up in resources that are not beneficial it takes away from those fish that we do want," said Skorupski.

Releasing pets in the wild is illegal.

"Don't let your pet loose in the wild. It can cause serious damage," said Skorupski. "The crime of illegally stocking a fish into the wild carries some of the highest penalties for wildlife violations, which can be losses of hunting and fishing privileges."

Game and Fish is working to manage the goldfish so the bass can survive.

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