Internet Services To Expand To Rural Areas

Apr 15, 2014

Several remote communities in the state will be able to receive better internet service in the near future.  Visionary Communications has announced a plan to expand its fiber optic line to connect the towns of Chugwater, Guernsey, Pinedale and Torrington to the rest of the state. 

Chugwater mayor LaDonna Sand says, right now, her community has very few options.  “What we have is we have Chugwater telephone company, which also offers the internet.  We have, for satellite, we can get dish and we can get direct T.V.  If it’s not pretty much offered through a satellite, we don’t get it.”

But Sand says it could take as long as a year and a half to get the new services, depending on how many internet companies sign up.  The more companies that participate, the sooner the lines will be brought in. 

Sand says the town of Chugwater—which has a population of 212—is willing to wait since better coverage could attract new businesses and potentially mean more jobs.