Insurance For 3,000 Kids In Wyoming In Congress's Hands

Dec 19, 2017

Credit Wyoming Department of Health

Nearly 3,000 kids in Wyoming have access to a highly subsidized health insurance through a program called Kid Care CHIP operated by the Wyoming Department of Health. Those kids could lose that coverage as soon as April, if Congress does not re-authorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.


Kim Deti, public information officer for the Wyoming Department of Health, said close to 90 percent of the funding for Kid Care CHIP comes from the federal government, and without that funding it’s not likely the program will continue.


“Should the program close, we don’t have a plan exactly of what might happen with those families,” said Deti. “One potential option could be to look at what’s available through the federal healthcare exchange.”


Deti said this is an issue all states are facing. Colorado could run out of funding as soon as January, but Deti says Wyoming has enough money to operate until April.  “We’re better off than most states, but boy everyone is watching to see what Congress will do.”


Deti said CHIP fills a critical gap for families who might not qualify for Medicaid but who don’t have enough money for private insurance.