Input Sought For HUD Dollars

Apr 24, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Each year, Wyoming is given Federal Housing and Urban Development funds to pay for various services and infrastructure improvements across the state. The Wyoming Business Council is surveying the public to help decide how to spend $3 million over the next five years.

Federal Housing and Urban Development dollars can be used towards building affordable housing, fixing streets and sewers, as well as public services like childcare, transportation, and mental health. 

Kim Porter is the community initiatives director for the Wyoming Business Council. She said HUD dollars provide better opportunities for military veterans, the elderly, victims of violence, as well as the disabled and the poor.

Porter said it will be important for residents to participate in the survey, since the dollars will guide local budget priorities.

“These funds go to the cities and towns for improvement, so it’s another way of helping to increase their budgets, if they need some of these projects, so it is pretty important money to a city, town or county to do some of these needed things for some of our vulnerable populations,” said Porter.

The survey will be open until June 1 and can be completed here.