Improving Rural Technology Takes Another Step Forward

May 5, 2014

An effort to enhance Wyoming’s broadband effort and bring higher speed internet access to the state is moving forward.  The Governor’s office announced that Advanced Communications Technology and CenturyLink have been awarded contacts to build out what is being called the Unified Network.    

Mead said he’s excited about the opportunities it will open up for Wyoming.

 “As we talk about expanding and diversifying our economy, broadband connectivity….high tech is certainly the way we have the opportunity to go in Wyoming and we’ve certainly seen great progress in that effort in the last several years.“

Mead says the effort will certainly help businesses in the state, but he hopes it will also benefit telemedicine and education.

“The Network will provide 100 gigabits of capacity to the internet compared to 2.5 gigabits now.  It’ll be many, many times greater capacity which will provide opportunities for  our students across the state of Wyoming, provide greater opportunities for our private businesses.”

Mead says that the network will especially benefit the state’s more rural areas.  The two companies says their efforts to build out the network will be done in July.