"Ignite Laramie" Hopes To Spark Community Engagement

Apr 5, 2016

Musicians perform at the 2015 Ignite Laramie event.

Prominent Laramie residents will have the opportunity to present their personal and professional passions at the third annual Ignite Laramie event Wednesday evening. The event will feature multi-media talks around the theme of “cross-pollination,” as well as music from Laramie’s 2016 Singer Songwriter contest winners.

“We’re looking at ways we can actually engage community with community events and give voice to some organizations and mover and shaker types in Laramie proper who are bringing life to our town,” says organizer Jason Burge.

Burge says he hopes the event will encourage community members to pursue issues and projects that are important to them.

“What we’re hoping happens is that people get inspired to follow their own passions whenever they see these talks,” he says. “Like if someone has an idea for a community project or someone has an issue that they think than we should be discussing, that they leave this event and they are inspired to chase after that.”

Ignite Laramie is presented by the Wyoming Humanities Council and will be held April 6 at 7 p.m. at the Gyphon Theatre.