Human-Caused Roosevelt Fire Destroys 55 Homes

Oct 1, 2018

Fall might be in the air, but wildfires continue to burn across the country. One of the largest is in Wyoming and has reached over 60,000 acres.

More than a 1,000 firefighters are dealing with the Roosevelt Fire just south of Jackson Hole, in the rural community of Bondurant.

It's burning in an area of pricey real estate, with both full time and resort homes. So far, over 55 homes have been confirmed as destroyed.

Gina Bonaminio is with the Forest Service. She says a fire this late in the season is not easy to contain.

"A lot of the resources are starting to time out on their seasons," said Bonaminio. "So a lot of people are hired as temporary seasonals, and so they have six months. That is their term for being able to work."

And Bonaminio said a lot of those terms ended September 30.

U.S. Forest Service Investigators concluded that the fire was caused by an abandoned campfire.

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