House votes to remove duties from State Superintendent

Jan 25, 2013

Members of the gallery watch the superintendent debate.
Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

After two weeks of discussion, the Wyoming Legislature has voted to remove some duties from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The legislation awaits the signature of Governor Matt Mead. 

The bill would hand over administration of the State Department of Education to a Governor appointed Director of Education. 

Opponents of the bill once again complained that they were going against voters who supported the election of Superintendent Cindy Hill by a two-to-one margin. 

Rock Springs Republican Stephen Watt again asked the House to slow down.

“I think that we need to think about this, I think that we need a committee, an interim committee on this,” Watt says. “I think that we need some answers, and I’m gonna vote no.”

But Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau said the time has come to make a change.

“But when our system allows elected officials to overstep their bounds, it’s the duty of this body to rein them in.  And this bill does that,” says Lubnau,

The bill passed 39-20.