House passes bill allowing hunters to use silencers

Feb 13, 2013

Sen. Tom Lubnau

The Wyoming House has passed a bill that will allow hunters to use silencers and suppressors for various types of hunting in the state.  

Before passing the bill, the House removed an amendment that would not have allowed silencers when hunting for big game. 

But Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau argued that there are plenty of protections if someone violates the law, and if they misuse a silencer or a suppressor, the hunter can be punished.

“Not only do you get a criminal violation, they can take your stuff away in the name of the state of Wyoming,” says Lubnau. “So if you are gonna make a line, let’s make a clear line, a line that makes sense.  So, either say suppressors are allowed or they’re not allowed.”

The Game and Fish Department has argued that using the devices gives hunters an unfair advantage over game. 

The bill heads to the Governor for his consideration.