House Makes Cuts To Its Version Of The School Funding Bill

Mar 18, 2021

House Majority Leader Albert Sommers
Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming House of Representatives made a number of cuts to the school funding model that increased the reductions in an education funding bill to close to $70 million.

Last week, several representatives complained that the House Education Committee did not make enough reductions to deal with a $300 million shortfall in education funding. Afton Rep. Evan Simpson proposed a number of the cuts.

"I'm bringing you these amendments because I'm sensing that we need to have this kind of debate. What are we really doing with education and how are we going to manage this deficit," said Simpson.

House Majority Leader Albert Sommers said the cuts could harm education. House Minority Leader Cathy Conolly argued the courts have said that Wyoming education needs to be given special attention.

"The courts used language such as 'best system', 'equitable', that a kid in Sundance should have the same education as a girl in Laramie. That's the language our supreme court used and that makes us different from virtually anywhere. And we should be proud of that," said Connolly.

The Senate is also debating a school funding bill that has larger cuts. Both bills will be up for a final vote on Thursday.