House Debates Concealed Carry Bills

Jan 31, 2017

House crowd listens to gun bills.
Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming House of Representatives is debating three bills that would allow concealed weapons in places where they are currently banned.

One bill allows concealed carry permit holders to have guns on the University of Wyoming campus, including athletic events. The House had a lengthy discussion over whether UW trustees should be allowed to declare parts of the campus off limits to guns. That amendment failed. Casper Representative Bunky Loucks says having guns on campus will keep it safe.

“Other states have utilized this. It keeps the University, the school in much safer environment. It allows people that are law abiding to protect themselves or others," said Loucks.  

"People will not go to these institutions and commit these crimes if they know there are people there who are law abiding and are able to arm themselves.”

The House also approved a measure that would allow K-12 schools to have designated people carry concealed weapons to provide protection. The third bill would allow concealed weapons in government meetings. All three bills will be up for a final vote on Wednesday.