House Debates 48 Hour Wait For Abortions

Jan 31, 2019

Credit Wyoming State Legislature

A bill that would require a 48 hour waiting period before someone can get an abortion has received initial support in the Wyoming House. Opponents of the bill call it government overreach and an intrusion on reproductive rights. Cheyenne Representative Sue Wilson said she struggled with the bill initially, but now fully supports it.

"We've all received a number of emails pointing out that it's unique to mandate a waiting period in statute for a medical procedure. That's true, but you have to admit that this procedure is also unique in being the only medical procedure that's specifically aimed at killing a life," Wilson said.

Rock Springs Representative Joann Dayton-Selman said she'd never have an abortion, but she would fight for the rights of her daughters to make their own choice. The bill will be debated two more times.