House Begins Debate On Indian Education Program

Jan 26, 2017

Credit Melodie Edwards

The Wyoming House of Representatives has started working on a bill that is intended to better help social studies teachers teach about the Tribes on the Wind River Reservation. 

The legislation provides the resources so that teachers across the state help students learn a number of things about the tribes and Native Americans. Some have expressed concern that it could burden already overworked teachers, House Floor Leader David Miller says it won’t.

You know their gonna' look at what is the Wind River Reservation? Who are the Eastern Shoshone, who are the Northern Arapaho, how does their tribal government work? And looking at preserving their culture and tradition and that’s all on-line and on videos right now and frankly teachers will have all the resources they need and it’s not gonna' take any money whatsoever.”

Tribes will have input on what students are taught. The bill will be debated two more times.