House Approves Teacher Pay Increase

Feb 17, 2015

Rep. Albert Sommers

The Wyoming House of Representative has approved a cost of living increase for teacher salaries. The amendment was part of the debate on the state supplemental budget. Called the External Cost Adjustment or ECA, it provides extra funding for districts to use for teacher pay increases. 

Pinedale Republican Albert Sommers says teachers have not received a cost of living increase since 2009, mainly due to budget concerns.

“The other argument I have heard against increasing the ECA is that teachers are overpaid in Wyoming and we are not getting the bang for our buck. And I say that is bull.”

Sommers says the need is especially great in rural schools where they are having problems hiring teachers. Casper Republican Tim Stubson urged the House to wait a year when the school funding model will be re-calibrated. The amendment passed 37 to 22.