House Approves Safety Call Center

Mar 3, 2016

A bill that would set up a student safety call center which people could use anonymously to give information about threats to school and student safety has passed the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Credit Bob Beck / Natrona County High School

Supporters say call centers in other states have been very successful, but some lawmakers are not convinced. Torrington Republican Cheri Steinmetz said there are plenty of hotlines and tip lines already in existence. 

But Pinedale Republican Albert Sommers said he believes this effort is necessary.

“The more efforts that we have out there to prevent suicide, to prevent bullying, and to prevent school violence, the better off we are. And this does it in a very economical manner.”

Sommers added that the state would use grant money from the State Office of Homeland Security to fund the program. 

Cody Republican David Northrup says the program will also be better advertised than past efforts, which should encourage more use.