House Approves Cap Con Bill Despite Objections

Mar 1, 2016

Representative Mary Throne

Despite concerns of over spending, the Wyoming House of Representatives has given final approval to a massive 400 million dollar capital construction bill.

It includes 70 million dollars for several University of Wyoming projects, and another 70 million for Department of Health building needs.The House rejected attempts to shift money into the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston to deal with growing mental health needs. The bill passed 35-24 with all the Democrats voting no. House Minority Leader Mary Throne says they are spending a lot of money at a time when many budgets are getting cut.

“We should have had a holistic approach that looked at all of our needs, put off the things that we don’t need to do yet, and keep funding the programs that help people.”

Gillette Representative Scott Clem says they should have saved money for future needs such as fixing the State penitentiary.