Homeschoolers Conference To Tackle Discrimination And Parental Rights

Jul 5, 2019

Credit Homeschoolers of Wyoming

There about 2,000 kids who are homeschooled in Wyoming, according to Heather Hager from Homeschoolers of Wyoming. The group has its annual conference on July 12-13 in Cheyenne.

Hager said homeschoolers have a lot of freedom in Wyoming, but sometimes families face misconceptions.

"There are some issues sometimes with alleged child abuse. There are some people who don't really know what's going on in that house next door. What are those kids doing out playing in the middle of the day?" said Hager.

Hager said discrimination and the legal rights of parents will be topics at this year's conference. She said for the most part, local school districts welcome homeschooled children to participate on sports teams and in extra-curricular activities.

"It is based district-by-district, so some districts might have someone who is not as educated on homeschooling but for the most part we have a good relationship with the school districts," said Hager.

Homeschoolers of Wyoming is a Christian group that defines marriage as consisting of one man and one woman, but Hager said families of all faiths and sexual orientations are welcome.