Historic Land Donated To Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Jun 12, 2018

Credit Jon Sullivan, PD Photo

An anonymous donor plans to give a historic acre of land surrounded by Grand Teton National Park to the park.

The Moulton Ranch Cabins area was put up for sale by Lola and Hal Blake, descendants of T. A. Moulton who homesteaded the area a century ago.

The Blakes operated a bed and breakfast on the property, but when they put the land up for sale, there was no guarantee the next owner would continue the business. There was concern that the historic structures on the property would be torn down.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation President Leslie Mattson said, “Having a home there would have really changed the character of this beautiful historic district that so many people visit.”

The Moulton Ranch Cabins and Barn are popular among visitors who frequently take pictures of the historic buildings.

That’s when an anonymous buyer stepped forward, offering to donate the land to Grand Teton National Park. The donor was concerned about the effect private development might have on the park and the potential loss of a historic area.

“We are so grateful to our anonymous donor, who we refer to as Miss Anonymous, who really wanted to ensure that this historic area remained intact,” Mattson said.

Mattson said that after the foundation transfers the land to Grand Teton National Park, the Moulton Cabins will be converted into much needed seasonal employee lodging.