Historic Hardeman Barns In Wilson Sold To Raptor Center

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Mary Gerty

A set of historic barns outside Jackson and the 27 acres surrounding them have been sold to the Teton Raptor Center. Previously, the Hardeman Barns belonged to the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Laurie Andrews, the trust’s president, said normally her organization doesn’t buy property outright but, back in the 1980s, when a developer wanted to build 70 single family homes there, the community realized the property’s value.

“Back in 1989, the community came together and I’m not kidding you, it was everything from bake sales to large donors that helped protect the barns first,” said Andrews. “And the raptor center has now taken it to the next level and another whole set of donors have stepped forward to make certain that they have a permanent home at the Hardeman Barns.”

The Teton Raptor Center has been leasing the land since the late 90s. They now plan to expand their educational programs and rehab care for injured and orphaned birds. Andrews said she believes the raptor center will be a good steward of the land.

“The idea was always to have an educational conservation connection to whoever was in the barns. Birds and saving birds and educating the community about what birds need…well, they need open space. And so it is a really nice connection with our mission and their mission,” said Andrews.

If the raptor center ever decides to sell the property in the future, the Jackson Hole Land Trust reserved the right to repurchase it before it’s placed on the market.