Hill threatens to sue over libelous white paper

Apr 17, 2013

A lawyer representing State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill is threatening to sue over comments by legislators that appeared in a white paper explaining why lawmakers removed much of Hill’s power.  The white paper was crafted to respond to non-legislative members of the Wyoming Republican Party who expressed concern over the law's passage.  It was distributed in an email by Big Horn Representative Rosie Berger.   Hill’s Attorney Robert DiLorenzo wrote Berger saying that the white paper appeared to be defamatory and he demanded that Berger provide proof for several statements in the document.  Casper Representative Tim Stubson says the letter from Hill’s attorney is trying to keep legislators from having an important dialogue about the future of education in the state.            

“It’s really aimed at a discussion and an important discussion about education policy and how we handle it.  And if you can’t have those sorts of discussions without finding a letter from a lawyer in your mailbox then it’s gonna cause some real challenges for us in talking about these issues going forward,” says Stubson.

Stubson says he plans to continue discussing the subject.  DiLorenzo did not respond by the deadline for this story.