Hill investigation continues

Jan 7, 2014

An accounting supervisor with the Wyoming Department of Education told a legislative committee that he had serious concerns about spending within the Department, but that State Superintendent of Education Cindy Hill and others ignored him. 

The committee is investigating charges of wrongdoing against Hill.  Trent Carroll had particular concerns about what he called inappropriate spending of federal money, and he said he shared that with his supervisor, who passed the concerns along to Hill and one of her senior staff members.

“He later returned and said that both John Masters and Superintendent Hill were aware of our concerns and we were to process the payment.”

Carroll says he was also ordered to remove details of spending in a report to the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee. 

Earlier in the day, Hill Staff member Sheryl Lain said that a controversial reading program implemented in Fremont County District 38 was appropriate and legal.  Lain also testified that she was unaware that hiring her daughter to perform professional development across the state was a violation of state law. 

Hill was scheduled to testify Wednesday, but was released so that she can announce her campaign for governor.