Hill Announces Intention To Resume Superintendent Duties

Mar 6, 2014

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill says she intends to resume her job leading the state department of education on Monday.

Credit Cindy Hill Superintendent

Lawmakers stripped Hill of many of her duties last year and removed her as the head of the department, but the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled that the move was unconstitutional. A District Court still must certify the ruling, but Hill told reporters today she’s ready to go back to work.

“Out of respect to the Legislature, I have waited to return to office,” Hill said. “Out of deference to the governor, I have deferred to his leadership. The time for waiting and deference are long since past.”

Hill said her focus will be on the children of Wyoming.

Meanwhile, Governor Matt Mead says he does not understand why Superintendent Cindy Hill wants to resume her duties before the District Court weighs in.  Mead says that could "lead to chaos" because people who work in the Department  of Education won't be sure who's in charge.

"I think it causes, would cause a lot of strife and concern not only for the staff that's over there, but for the Superintendent's staff,” Mead says. “I think the better way to go, as we've asked the court this week, get an order done and then it will be clear to everybody and there won't be an ongoing debate between various employees between who has authority to do something and not."

Mead says members of his staff have recently spoken with Hill's staffers about an orderly transition, so he was surprised by Hill's announcement.  

The Legislature’s Joint Education Interim Committee will discuss how address the Hill ruling, now that the legislative session has adjourned.