High Number Of Traffic Fatalities In State So Far This Year

Jul 11, 2019

Statewide traffic fatalities are way up from last year around the same time. That's according to Cody Beers, a public relations specialist with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Beers said there have been 84 traffic fatalities this year as of July 9, compared to 49 last year.

"We're way ahead of last year-35 ahead of last year at this time. And we're still smack dab in the middle of the summer driving season," said Beers.

Just in the past three and half weeks, there have been 13 traffic fatalities statewide. He said a common theme is distracted drivers, as well as other criteria.

"We're losing people out on the roads for a number of different reasons: driver inattention, lack of seat belt use, people driving too fast for conditions," said Beers.

Beers said people need to remember that driving may be the most dangerous thing they do on a daily basis. He said people need to be aware, give some extra breathing time to get to their destination and to pay attention if the yellow lines allow passing or not.

Last year was a particularly low fatality year compared to 2019. This year has seen the most fatalities in the last five years.