Headwaters Arts & Conference Center - Dubois

May 13, 2014

The Headwaters Arts & Conference Center Features a meeting and conference facility in the beautiful Wind River Valley. Nestled in the Wind River Mountains with the looming grandeur of majestic peaks and the serenity of calm, crystal clear lakes and streams offering many additional activities.

The Headwaters Arts and Conference Center is a year-round conference facility for national conferences, educational, art and music workshops, and corporate retreats.

Surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the Wind River Mountains and looming grandeur of its many majestic peaks, such as the Ramshorn Peak, the Pinnacles’ Cliffs, and many more, with the calm serenity of crystal clear lakes and streams and nestled in the Wind River Valley is Dubois, Wyoming. In Dubois you will discover a place where the West still lives.

Surrounded by the diverse colored beauty of the badlands and situated within all this scenic beauty is the Headwaters Arts and Conference Center.  Opened in the winter of 1996, this beautiful building crafted from timber and stone is a proud jewel in this remarkable Rocky Mountain setting.

The Headwaters Arts and Conference Center is designed to accommodate large and small groups, with a list of amenities designed to make your next event memorable and enjoyable. The Warm Springs Art Gallery, located on the second floor, houses some of the area’s most distinguished works of art.

Courtesy of: http://www.headwaterscenter.org .