Governor Mead expresses concerns about gun bills

Feb 5, 2013

While Wyoming Governor Matt Mead favors gun rights, he said that he is very concerned about a couple of gun rights bills making their way through the legislature. 

One bill would allow school employees, parents of a student or their guardian, who hold a concealed weapon permit, to have guns in schools.  Mead said that there are better ways to ensure school safety and he wants the state to look closer at those solutions.

“Including school resource officers, whether they should be armed, how many we have and what would be the cost to put them in every school?  As I look at the billions we spend building schools, we ought to be thinking now, the next school we build, what can we do to harden it in terms of security?  Those are some practical things that we can do now that I think can make a difference.”

Mead said that he also doesn’t care for a bill that would give Wyoming residents permission to ignore federal gun laws and give local law enforcement the ability to arrest federal agents enforcing those laws.

“How do you ask a federal judge or a juror to not enforce the laws?  And it’s interesting because I said earlier, one of the hallmarks of gun owners in Wyoming is that we respect the law.”

Mead says the law would be unenforceable and that’s why it shouldn’t be on the books.  The bills will soon be debated by the Wyoming Senate.