Gov. Mead Signs Bill That Reopens Debate Over Science Standards

Mar 3, 2015

Governor Matt Mead signed a bill on Monday that ends the ban on adopting the Next Generation Science Standards.

On Monday, Governor Matt Mead signed a bill that reopens the debate over teaching climate change science in schools. The Next Generation Science Standards, known as NGSS, include the concept that climate change is real and largely caused by man. In Wyoming, and a handful of other states, that’s controversial. So last year, the state legislature banned discussion to adopt them.  

Pete Gosar, Chairman of the Wyoming Board of Education, says the board now plans to begin debating the standards at their March meeting.  

"Wyoming’s science standards haven’t been meaningfully changed in quite some time," Gosar said. "And quite honestly we leave our students and our kids in Wyoming at a disadvantage if we don’t produce the best science standards."

So far 13 states plus the District of Columbia have adopted NGSS.