Gov. Mead says GOP Central Committee acted too quickly judging Hill bill

May 6, 2013

Governor Matt Mead says the Republican Central Committee acted too hastily when it approved a resolution endorsing a petition drive to repeal the state law that removed powers from State Superintendent Cindy Hill. Several members of the committee also wanted three Republican legislators who were instrumental in passing the law to leave the party. Mead says a court challenge to the law will be heard by the Supreme Court and the Wyoming Attorney General’s office is also concluding an investigation into how the Department was run in Superintendent Hill’s first two years in office. Mead says concerns about how education dollars are spent are a serious issue.

“So what’s the information and then people will judge both on the constitutionality based upon what the Supreme Court says and on the wisdom of the decision based on what has happened there,” says Mead.

Mead said Friday that it would have been better if the GOP Central Committee had waited for answers before taking a position on the law.