Gosar Charges That Mead Has Not Provided Leadership

Oct 17, 2014

During a debate last night in Riverton, Democratic candidate for Governor Pete Gosar said that governor Matt Mead has lacked leadership. Gosar pointed to the failure to expand Medicaid among other things.

“We have gambled with our economy on one commodities price, the price of oil. And as we benefited as it went up it is now at 80 dollars and looking to go further south. I hope that the governor has a plan. I look at education policy,  under this governor’s term we have stopped teaching science in our schools.”

But Mead countered that Wyoming has done well in his four years. 

We have decreased unemployment, when our credit rating went up to the highest level possible when I was governor and we have been ranked the first of second best run state in the country for the last two or three years. When we see a low poverty rate, the lowest poverty rate in the nation amongst our children and the 4th lowest poverty rate among adults.”

Mead says if you want to address health care and education, you need a robust economy. Earlier in the debate, Mead said if the state loses its gay marriage challenge, it won't appeal.

The debate was hosted by Wyoming PBS and carried by Wyoming Public Radio.