Gordon Hesitates To Shut Down The State

Mar 25, 2020

Credit State of Wyoming

Despite the fact that Wyoming is seeing more positive COVID-19 cases, Governor Mark Gordon said he's not ready to issue an order to confine residents to their homes.

During a news conference the governor urged residents to stay at home, avoid hospital emergency rooms and overloading hospitals. But Gordon said he's not ready to join some other governors in issuing a stay at home order.

"As I say, we are trying to avoid that order because of the complexities it involves. But if we do have to issue that order, we will, and we do have the means to enforce it," said Gordon.

An order he did issue that closed schools until April 3rd is being reviewed by his office in consultation with the State Superintendent.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Wyoming Department of Health said more tests are being sent to health care providers across the state as the numbers of confirmed cases rises. Mike Ceballos stressed that only people who show serious symptoms will get the tests. He added that state health officials were trying to forecast just how big the pandemic may grow in Wyoming.

Governor Gordon said it's a difficult time, "probably the hardest we will face in our lifetime."

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