GOP Candidate Taylor Haynes Can Continue His Campaign

Aug 3, 2018


A Wyoming judge has denied a state request to force Republican candidate for Governor, Taylor Haynes, to stop his campaign and withdraw.   

Wyoming officials, including Secretary of State, Ed Buchanan, asked Laramie County District Judge Thomas Campbell to declare Haynes ineligible to be governor after documents indicated that Haynes may reside in Colorado. The ruling can be appealed, but Haynes is continuing his campaign. He called the charges dirty politics and had worried that it would hurt his reputation.

“Whenever you’re attacked in today’s soundbite society, certainly your reputation is in jeopardy at the very least. However, I think we are now vindicated and as we unfold all the facts I’m not concerned about my reputation.”

In fact, Haynes said he believes the accusations may have given him some momentum.

“The supporters, of course, we're hopping mad, but we also gained new support. I had people tell me they were on the fence, however when I was attacked they were certain that I’m their guy.” 

Secretary of State, Ed Buchanan said the ruling does not resolve the issue of Hayne’s residency. He still wants to resolve the issue before the August 21 primary election, but it’s not clear if that will take place.