Generous Gift From Lois C. Mottonen Expands LCCC Student Opportunity

Mar 5, 2019

Lois C. Mottonen, who passed away in December 2017, left $2.4 million to the Laramie County Community College.
Credit image provided by LCCC

Laramie County Community College has established new scholarships and programs thanks to a $2.4 million gift from the estate of Lois C. Mottonen.

LCCC's Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement Lisa Trimble said Mottonen, who was a long-time Cheyenne resident, was the second woman granted a certified public accounting license in Wyoming. She was also committed to providing new opportunities to students throughout her life. Trimble said Mottonen's legacy will live on through her generous contribution to the college.

"When the college looked at how we could best utilize these funds and have a large impact on our student population, as well as on what the state of Wyoming is trying to do with educational attainment goals, we really felt like the Rediscover Program was a good fit for these funds," said Trimble.

Mottonen's gift will benefit The Rediscover Program, which supports Wyoming residents who are 25 or older and enrolling full-time at LCCC. Trimble said the additional aid made possible by Mottonen's gift will fill a critical need because adult learners don't have access to state aid like the Hathaway Scholarship.

Her money will also be used to establish the Center for Essential Student Experiences and to create the Mottonen Student Experience Fund. Trimble said those initiatives focus on supporting opportunities beyond classroom learning. "Giving students the opportunity for assistance with study abroad programs, the opportunity for assistance with internships or externships, and really giving those students some applied learning, so that when they leave they have some experience," she said.

Trimble said LCCC wished they could have done more to thank Mottonen when she was alive, but they will work to honor her intent for the gift by expanding educational opportunities to more students.