Game and Fish urges hunters to be bear aware

Sep 26, 2012

It’s hunting season, and in northwest Wyoming it’s also the time of year when bears – especially grizzlies – are more active as they prepare for the winter.  Because of this, the Wyoming Game and Fish office in Cody is urging people to be cautious about bear encounters. 

Spokeswoman Tara Teaschner says people should hunt with a partner, and if they get a kill, they need to be especially alert.

“While you are working on your harvested animal … have your hunting partner act as a sentinel, and then of course if you have to leave that carcass over night for example, when you come back to that carcass, we ask that you be careful, make a lot of noise,” Teaschner said. 

Teaschner says bear spray can be very effective in encounters with bears.  She says bear attacks are rare, but hunters need to be cautious.