Game and Fish Seeks Input on Declining Mule Deer Numbers

Nov 1, 2011

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking public input about how to deal with declining mule deer numbers in the Platte Valley and southern Wyoming. Mule deer populations in southern Wyoming have dropped about 30 percent in the past five years.

This summer, Game and Fish held a series of public meetings to try to figure the reason for the decline. Laramie regional wildlife supervisor Rick King says participants noted habitat health as a key factor.

“Folks realize that a lot of the winter range habitat over there consists of some old, decadent shrubs that aren’t as productive as they could be," says King. "And I think folks also realize that our herd is very dependent on those winter ranges. And the health of those winter ranges is crucial to the overall health of the herd.”

King says the upcoming meetings, which will be held November 14th through 17th, are aimed at figuring out what to do about the declining numbers.