Game And Fish Pursuing Grizzly Bear Hunting

Jan 22, 2018

Credit Charles Preston

The hunting of grizzly bears in Wyoming may start as early as this fall. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department's decision to pursue hunting comes after the department held a series of public meetings throughout the state on future management of grizzly bears. Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik said the majority of the public seemed to support hunting, and the department welcomes this as a useful management tool.

“So one of our hopes is that with the use of a hunting season there will be more bears taken by hunters,” said Nesvik. “And less bears that have to be removed by someone who works for the Game and Fish Department.”

Grizzly bear hunting licenses will cost $600 for residents and $6,000 for non-residents. 

“I would speculate that it's a resource...,” said Nesvik. “I mean, it's a rare opportunity I guess is what I’m trying to say. It’s an opportunity that doesn't exist in many places and so it's worth more.”

The proposed regulation should be available for public review by the end of February. Game and Fish plans to hold a series of public meetings on that proposal, and then submit the final draft to the commission in May.