Game And Fish Funding Bill Survives Another Day

Feb 27, 2014

The Wyoming House of Representatives again discussed whether to provide money to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for health insurance and for management of grizzly bears. 

Wednesday the House voted down an attempt to remove the Grizzly funding and Thursday the House defeated an amendment that would have removed health insurance funds.  House Floor Leader Kermit Brown says the additional money is needed because lawmakers won't approve license fee increases.

"As more and more tasks are put on this department that must be paid for out of the general fund because there's no license fee revenue to pay for them. Then more and more general fund money will need to be devoted to this department.  We can't expect them to do these tasks for us, that we assign to them, that have nothing to do with what we hunt and fish and eat."

It’s estimated that health insurance and grizzly management would cost the state seven million dollars per year.  The bill will be debated for a final time on Friday.