Foster Friess Will Run For Governor

Apr 20, 2018

Republican and Jackson resident Foster Friess is running for Wyoming governor. The announcement was made Friday at the Wyoming Republican Party Convention in Laramie.

Credit Foster Friess twitter

Friess is known for his multimillion-dollar donations to Republican candidates and conservative causes. He made his money through investment and asset management.

In 2017, he voiced an interest in running for U.S. Senate, challenging Republican John Barrasso. But Friess said he decided his background as a businessman was better suited for governor.

"My skill set is more as an executive in terms of making things happen and I would not do so well in shaping legislation and debating and talking. I ran my $15 billion [company] which got up to $15 billion in assets under management, with only 3 meetings a year," said Friess. 

Friess also endorsed Barrasso for reelection, saying Wyoming needs him in Washington. Friess has never held public office.