Foster Friess Debating Senate Run

Feb 21, 2020

Foster Friess speaks at the Irma Hotel in Cody. February 20, 2020.
Credit kamila kudelska

Former candidate for Wyoming governor Foster Friess has started a series of listening sessions around the state.

The multimillionaire is considering running for the U.S. Senate that became open after Sen. Mike Enzi announced his retirement after his current term. But before he makes a final decision, Friess announced he will go around the state to see if he should get in the race.

He spoke to around 30 people in Cody on Thursday, February 20. Cody resident Lonnie Snyder attended the event and said she likes how he listens to the community. “And that's important because then he can hopefully enact laws, reinforce what the community wants not just to get reelected.”

Snyder said she would vote for Friess if he runs for the Senate seat. During the event, Friess discussed his interest in reforming health care and education.

Cody resident Larry French also said he would welcome Friess as a candidate. He said he liked that Friess wants to give parents flexibility in how they educate their kids.

“The way they want to, whether it's a Christian school, charter School, home school, public school, whatever, and I think if we were able to put more competition into the mix, our public schools would improve,” said French.

Friess said he wants to hear from the public whether he will serve the community better by running for Senate or working on issues on the side. Friess ran for governor in 2018 and lost the GOP nomination by seven points to Gov. Mark Gordon. Friess will travel to Gillette, Casper and Cheyenne next.

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