Forum Brings Federal Labs And Western Businesses Together

Jul 30, 2014

Credit Courtesy: WBT Open Innovation Marketplace

An event that connects businesses with researchers from federal labs and Universities is coming to Denver for the first time next month. The one-day event, called WBT's Open Innovation Forum, aims to show small to mid-size companies and advanced manufacturers in the West how to partner with federal labs.

Amanda Radovic, the CEO of WBT's Innovation Marketplace, said these partnerships can lead to scientific innovation.  

“Innovations that are going to ultimately going to help your company grow whether it’s in existing markets or if they’re interested in expanding in new markets,” said Radovic.

Some of those new markets include data collection, manufacturing, sensors, and drone development.

Larger companies have been taking advantage of these federal partnerships for years.

“So you think your Fortune 100s partnering with the federal agencies and labs. Or using a technology that was supported by and developed in a lab to commercialize and have a huge success and an impact around the world. So those are obviously the big home runs but we want to teach small to midsize companies how to operate like that,” said Radovic.

Registration for the event is open until August 24th. The forum will feature workshops, an elevator pitch session, and a networking event for businesses and lab representatives. Over 30 federal laboratories will attend.