Former Navy Commander Joins Race For State Superintendent

May 26, 2014

Bill Winney
Credit Bill Winney

A former US Navy Submarine commander is running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Republican Bill Winney says training and education were big parts of his job in the Navy, and that the Wyoming Department of Education is in need of the type of leadership he would bring to the job.

“Our state has been doing the same thing for at least ten years and have expected different results and hasn’t gotten them," Winney says. "Well I bring something to the table that hasn’t been brought to the table in at least ten years which is clear demonstrated leadership skills.  Every time I was in charge of a ship I made the organization better.”

When it comes to the issues, Winney says he has concerns about national standards like Common Core.  He wants locally developed standards. Winney has previously run unsuccessfully for the US House and the state legislature.  He will face Jillian Balow  in the Republican primary.