First Sheridan Film Festival Hosts World Premiere Of "Miss Snake Charmer"

Sep 14, 2018

Credit Shawn Parker

On October 5 through 7, the Sheridan WYO Film Festival will kick off its new event by showing Miss Snake Charmer. The world premiere will be in good company with 33 other films from all over the world. There were over 600 entrants from 54 countries.

“Miss Snake Charmer” is a documentary about a group of young women in Sweetwater, Texas who have a beauty pageant that coincides with the towns Rattlesnake Roundup. 

Justin Stroup, festival director, said that it’s a one of a kind film that he immediately wanted to put into the festival.

“In Sweetwater they got the world’s largest rattlesnake roundup. So they get tens of thousands of rattlesnakes and they gather them all up and they have a parade, but they got a beauty pageant so it’s interviewing these young women as they go through the week of the beauty pageant and why they are doing it and it’s just all around this crazy rattlesnake roundup event.”

The film is kicking off the weekend on Friday and on Saturday there will be a number of free Virtual Reality films.

Justin Stroup picked movies that aren’t usually available in Wyoming. Like films that utilize virtual reality.

“Asteroids which it’s a cartoon that these two aliens you’re kind of with them on this spaceship and you’re dodging asteroids and stuff like that.”

Other films include Rodents of Unusual Size, Insert Witty Name Here, and a variety of shorts.

Sheridan Travel and Tourism director Shawn Parker wants the event to become a staple of Sheridan’s fall attractions. 

“We’ve also got a lot of talented filmmakers that choose to make their home in Sheridan County. People who are really actively engaged in the film industry. So this is about bringing them all together, and showcasing to the community and tourists at large what film means to Wyoming and what it can really be.”

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