Firework Guild Celebrating 50 Years In Gillette

Aug 13, 2019

The members of Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) are gathered in Gillette this week to celebrate the fireworks trade organization's 50th year. The organization has around 1,600 members.

Gillette's Cam-plex also hosted the convention in 2015. PGI President Paul Smith said the group chose to return to the event center for its land, facilities and the distance from residential areas.

"We've always liked this site, and because of the space and stuff and doing more things for the 50th, it just really works out well," Smith said.

The PGI convention includes a number of events for its members and the public. Members can participate in seminars and competitions.

Smith said the competitions are a place for members to bring their homemade fireworks.

"One of the primary reasons to get together is for members to make stuff as hobbyists then bring it here and then it's judged," Smith said. "So there's competition Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights and we got every category which there's probably about 20 categories, maybe more, that's shot in competition."

PGI also hosts public fireworks displays. Those events will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week.