Firefighters Are Getting A Handle On All Wyoming Fires

Jul 5, 2012

Thanks to crew efforts and a break in temperatures, officials say growth has slowed on the Arapaho, Oil Creek, Fontenelle, and Squirrel Creek fires.  State Forester Bill Crapser says they’ve turned a corner.

 “Everybody I’ve talked to on all the fires are real optimistic on the progress being made, so we’re really not expecting to see major growth on any of the fires,” Crapser said.

Crapser adds that the Bear Cub fire in the Bridger-Teton National Forest isn’t too much of a concern, because it’s well away from structures and people. But with so much activity early in the season, it’s already an historic year for fires and it’s far from over.  Crapser says that if high temperatures and lightening storms continue, the state can expect even more blazes throughout the summer.