Fire near Upton forces evacuations

Sep 4, 2012

Twelve homes have been evacuated because of a fire near Upton, in northeast Wyoming, and another 20 are on pre-evacuation status.

Weston County Sheriff Bryan Colvard says the fire is a mile east of Upton and isn’t threatening the town at the moment, but he says residents need to be vigilant.

“It’s so dry, and the winds can change at a moment’s notice up here, so just keep a close eye,” Colvard said. “And if you’re in that pre-evacuation zone, make sure you have your vehicle loaded with your incidentals and whatever you might need, so if it’s time to go you’ll be ready to go.”

The homes that have been evacuated so far are all outside of town. Colvard says his office can arrange for shelter for evacuees who request it.

Anyone who is unsure whether they need to leave their homes should call 746 – 4441.