February 26th, 2021

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Deb Haaland Takes Off - And A Rising Generation In Indian Country Takes Notes

Indian Country was watching this week as Congresswoman Deb Haaland faced confirmation hearings to become the first Indigenous Secretary of the Interior. For many young tribal citizens across our region this was must-see TV. The Mountain West News Bureau's Savannah Maher spoke to some of them.

"Fighting Tooth And Nail": New Report Shows Indigenous People In Wyoming Face More Violence

Wyoming's Missing Murdered Indigenous Persons Task Force unveiled its findings last month. The reports show that the problem is much bigger than previously recognized and that the media hasn't done a good job of addressing the violence in Wyoming communities. Wyoming Public Radio's Taylar Stagner reports.

What Do Tampons Have To Do With The Tax Code?

The pandemic has caused huge revenue shortfalls in state budgets across our region and the country. And in some places, that's meant a renewed conversation about taxes. But one of those conversations may not be what you would expect. Wyoming Public Radio's Maggie Mullen reports.

Some License Suspensions Under Nonresident Compact Invalid, UW Defender Aid Clinic Shows

When Wyoming resident Celeste Armstrong had her driver's license suspended a year ago, she had no way of knowing that her case could completely change the way licenses are suspended. But the University of Wyoming's Defender Aid Clinic took up her case and eventually won in Albany County District Court. Clinic Director Professor Lauren McLane and Student Attorney Nathan Yanchek demonstrated that the Department of Transportation had been using the wrong law to suspend licenses. Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor spoke with McLane about what this means for Wyoming drivers.

Gov. Gordon Wants Legislators To Take A Broader Look At Education

Wyoming's legislature meets next week and among the topics will be education spending and budget cuts in general. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon joins me and begins the conversation by discussing some of the budget challenges the state is facing.

With Influx Of Special Ed Students, Powell School District Worries About Budget Cuts

At the start of this school year, Park County School District #1 in Powell welcomed an influx of new special ed students. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska has a story on how this sudden growth put pressure on the district to make sure that they could meet the students' needs.

Start-up Challenge At Buffalo High School Fosters Entrepreneurship At A Young Age

Wyoming's economy has depended on energy for a long time, but that formula might not be successful into the future. And entrepreneurship may be one of the answers to state's diversification. The state has created start-up challenges in order to try and foster more small businesses. And now it's even reaching high school students. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler visits Buffalo High School where some students are just beginning their careers.

University Of Wyoming Professor Analyzes 17th Century "Recipe Book"

A 17th-century book known as the Baumfylde Manuscript is giving insight into the lives and priorities of people of the past. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel spoke to UW professor Peter Parolin who analyzed the manuscript.